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Birdwatchers can enjoy spotting various species such as roadrunners, quails, and hawks. The park's wetlands attract numerous waterfowl too.
Cycling enthusiasts can explore the park's 3.5-mile trail, but be aware it is moderately difficult with some steep sections.

Mountain biking is allowed on this path too; however, riders should proceed carefully due to uneven terrain and loose gravel.

For a more relaxed ride, consider cycling along the paved roads within the area - just watch out for vehicle traffic!

Remember that New Mexico’s weather can change rapidly so always check forecasts before setting off on your bike adventure.

Also note there are no bicycle rentals available in-park; visitors must bring their own or rent from nearby Roswell city outlets.

Always wear helmets while riding as safety precautions cannot be overemphasized given potential risks involved in outdoor activities like bicycling.
1. Lea Lake Foot Trail: A short, easy trail that loops around the park's largest lake offering scenic views and opportunities for bird watching; length is approximately 0.5 miles.

2. Bluff Trails: Red Bluff Trail East: This moderate hike provides panoramic vistas of the Pecos Valley and leads to other trails in the network; its length is about 3 miles round trip. Red Bluff Trail West: Similar to its eastern counterpart but offers different perspectives on the valley below with an approximate distance of 2-3 miles round trip.

3. Wetlands Boardwalk: An accessible boardwalk path winding through wetland areas near Lea Lake, ideal for all skill levels including those with mobility issues or families with strollers; total walkway spans roughly one-quarter mile.

4. Desert Uplands Loop: Traversing higher ground above Bottomless Lakes , this loop showcases desert flora and fauna while providing elevated lake views ; it measures close to a mile.

5. Lazy Lagoon Path: Encircling a smaller lagoon, this flat terrain makes for an effortless stroll suitable even for young children ; pathway extends just under half-a-mile long.
The park, located in New Mexico, offers a variety of boating options for visitors. Non-motorized boats such as canoes and paddleboards are permitted on the lakes within the park. However, motorboats or any other watercraft with engines are not allowed to maintain tranquility and protect wildlife habitats. The largest lake - Lea Lake is open for swimming and has lifeguards during summer months while fishing is popular at Cottonwood Lake.
In this park, visitors can fish in Lea Lake year-round. The lake is stocked with rainbow trout during winter months.

During the rest of the year, you may catch catfish and largemouth bass.

A valid New Mexico fishing license is required for anyone over age 12.

Fishing from boats or float tubes isn't allowed; only shoreline angling permitted here.

Remember to follow all state regulations regarding size limits and bag restrictions when catching any species.
1. Bottomless Lakes State Park offers several swimming options in New Mexico.
2. The park's main attraction is Lea Lake, a deep natural sinkhole perfect for swimming and diving.
3. Lea Lake has a large designated swim area with lifeguards on duty during peak season.
4. There are also sandy beaches along the lake shore where visitors can relax or picnic after their swim.
5. Paddleboarding, kayaking and canoeing are other water activities available at this location besides traditional swimming.

6. Devils Inkwell, another smaller lake within the park allows wading but not full-fledged swimming due to its depth restrictions.

7. Figure Eight Lake does not permit any form of recreational activity including fishing or boating as it serves wildlife purposes only.

8. Pasture Lake provides opportunities for bird-watching rather than aquatic recreation; no human contact with water allowed here either.

9. Cottonwood Day Use Area near Mirror Lagoon features shaded areas ideal for picnicking post-swim sessions from nearby lakes.

10. Swimming lessons aren't provided by state parks so ensure you're comfortable before venturing into deeper waters.

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